Friday, September 10, 2010

Follow Friday: 10 September 2010

This Week

Deborah Large Fox at Help! The Faerie Folk Hid My Ancestors explains why it is essential to enlist the help of other people – sometimes people whom you would not ordinarily consider as sources of genealogy-related information – when you are researching in the context of scant and scattered records in “With a Little Help from my Friends.”

Susan Petersen at Long Lost Relatives discusses how to use a “Kindle for Genealogy.”

At The Ties That Bind, Terri muses about inheriting, possessing, and letting go of family heirlooms in “The Mystical Power of a Treasure – Can you let it go?”

In “Ellis Island Oral Histories,” Leah at The Internet Genealogist describes how this new database on Ancestry can provide a rich background for an immigrant ancestor’s experience, even if the interviewee is not your own ancestor, but perhaps came over on the same ship, from the same general area, or in the same general time frame.

Only Amy Coffin of The We Tree Genealogy Blog could tie these disparate subjects together in a coherent post: “Family Search, Football and Milestones.” And in the process, she makes a great case for the benefits that volunteer transcribers both provide and derive from this activity! There’s probably a future for me there, Amy – I like mediocre baseball teams. (There is also an interesting follow-up article on doing arbitration: “Family Search, Football and Arbitration.”)

A way to put together all the links, stories, photographs, pages and whatever else there is to see and know about an ancestor? According to The Ancestry Insider, this technology is being developed by a group led by Family Search (“Killer Cool! Wow”).

I (and probably a number of other readers) will be watching West in New England to see how Bill West’s idea works out for using a page on Facebook devoted to his grandparents to see whether or not he can lure some cousins to contact him with more information on this couple; the idea is described in “A ‘Social’ Experiment.”

At Escape to the Silent Cities, the author poses an open question for discussion: “To Enhance or Not to Enhance that is the question…. I want your opinions” (no, not enhancing our figures, but gravestones).

An intriguing and unusual topic is featured on Beyond the Ghosts...A Cemetery Blog: “Cemetery geocaching: Has treasure hunting gone too far?”

Instead of highlighting a single post, I’d like to direct anyone who has not yet seen Becky Wiseman’s series from Alaska and Canada at kinnexxions, yet (if there is anyone out there who hasn’t) to go and immerse yourself in these wonderful stories and photographs. Do not miss the glaciers. Amazing.

Happy Sixth (!!!!!!) Blogoversary to Craig Manson at Geneablogie!

Check out Flowers from My Area, the new blog of Barbara Poole at Life from the Roots.

This week I started following these blogs:


An American Mutt

Beyond the Ghosts…A Cemetery Blog

Restore the Ancestors Project

Saving Stories

Escape to the Silent Cities (Love the blog name and thanks to Gail Wall at Digital Cemetery Walk for linking to this blog!)

For more suggested genealogy blog reading, check out John Newmark’s Weekly Genealogy Picks at TransylvanianDutch and Randy Seaver’s Best of the Genea-Blogs at Genea-Musings.


  1. Thank you for the mention! If you like mediocre baseball teams, then indexing is the activity for you! It's a simple task that helps erase the pain of your team letting you down on t.v. :)

  2. Greta, thank you so much for the mention. Although, I think my timing was poor, because I can't find any! We can look at these in the winter and dream.

  3. Just found your blog, thanks for mentioning mine. I enjoy your posts and will definitely follow your blog in the future. I like how you pointed out hightlights to other blogs--piqued my interest in a few and got me blog surfing! Deb