Saturday, June 26, 2010

Surname Saturday: Newton Leonard Norman and Rebecca Dulcenia Weston

Newton Leonard Norman
b. 15 Jan 1871, Alabama
d. 4 Jan 1959
& Rebecca Dulcenia Weston
b. 22 Aug 1870
d. 30 Jul 1899
m. 28 Sep 1890, Garland County, Arkansas
|--Dissie D. Norman
|----b. 5 Aug 1891
|----d. 9 Oct 1908
|---& Jackson “Jack” W. Norman (b. Mar 1891 Arkansas)
|----m. 30 Dec 1906, Montgomery Co., Arkansas
|--Mary Viola “Ola” Norman
|----b. 16 Nov 1893, Peak, Garland Co., Arkansas
|----d. 23 Dec 1969, Oden, Arkansas
|---& William Levi Powell
|----b. 1 May 1885, Peak, Garland Co., Arkansas
|----d. 8 Jan 1977, Benton, Bossier, LA
|----m. 5 Nov 1911, Garland Co., Arkansas
|--Henry Elijah Norman
|----b. 29 Apr 1896
|----d. 26 Sep 1945
|--Nellie Anne Norman
|----b. 24 Nov 1898, Arkansas
|----d. 10 Mar 1988, Mount Ida, Montgomery, Arkansas
|---& John Joe Powell
|----b. 5 Aug 1891, Myers, Montgomery, Arkansas
|----d. 2 May 1970
|----m. 25 Jun 1914, Garland Co., Arkansas

This is the family of Newton Leonard Norman, half-brother of my great-grandfather William Henry “Jack” Norman, and Newton’s first wife, Rebecca Dulcenia Weston. Newton was the son of Joseph Madison Carroll Norman and his second wife, Mary Patterson. Newton and Rebecca's oldest daughter, Dissie, and her husband Jackson Norman are part of the "Mystery Normans" about whom I have written in previous posts - was Jackson a distant relative or not?

I would love to share information with anyone related to/researching this family; you can contact me at my e-mail address, which can be found by going to my profile page (there is a link to that page in the About Me section to the left).


  1. I am great granddaughter of Joseph Madison Carrol Norman through his 3rd wife Mary Francis Karr Norman. My mother is daugher of Dora Norman Patterson. She knew many of these aunts and uncles you are doing research on. Do you have any birth, death or marriage license for Thomas Norman, Nancy LaRue Norman, Joseph MC Norman, Elizabeth Stapler, James Norman and Ruth Roberts? I need these to get into the DAR. Have the info up through Joseph MC Norman and Mary Francis Karr. Thanks! Rebecca Cardwell Sibley

  2. Rebecca - This would make us second cousins once removed (or half so - I am descended from JMC's first wife). There are no BDMs (birth, death, or marriage documents) for the people you name that I have ever heard of; the only one of those documents that might ever have existed would have been a marriage record; birth and death records were not kept until relatively recently. However, you do not have to use those records to prove descent. However, you will probably need BDMs for yourself, your parents, and your grandparents (or certain substitutes will do). For the other generations substitute proof/documents will do -censuses, wills, etc. Which ancestor is this for? I had not heard that there was a Patriot in this line. There is Karenhappuch Norman Turner, but she is not a direct ancestor. I believe what is done is that DAR has records of previous proofs supplied and all you need to supply are the proofs for your own descent from that line insofar as none of the previous proofs document your descent. I was not able to find your e-mail to get in touch with you directly, so I hope you read this. If you do, go to the front page of my blog and you will find directions for getting in direct e-mail with me. Hope to hear from you!

  3. Greta, I wrote you an email today..I am in Orangeburg, SC and you are in Charleston now...would love to meet you!