Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surname Saturday: Mitchell Blackburn and Susan A. Norman Family

Mitchell C. Blackburn
b. 25 Apr 1851, Missouri
d. 8 Jan 1916
& Susan A. “Sudie” Norman
b. 18 Dec 1864, Alabama
d. 20 Jul 1908, Peak, Garland Co., Arkansas
m. 11 Jul 1892, Garland Co., Arkansas
|--Cynthia Lydia Blackburn
|----b. 1 Sep 1893, Arkansas
|----d. 1987
|---& Marcus Lawson Kinsey
|----b. 7 Nov 1887, Arkansas
|----d. 1972
|----m. 20 Dec 1908, Garland Co., Arkansas
|--Rena Blackburn
|----b. 20 Jan 1896, Arkansas
|---& Marshall M. Burden
|----b. 1874, Arkansas
|----d. 20 Jun 1933
|----m. 19 Jul 1916, Garland Co., Arkansas
|--Una Blackburn
|----b. Apr 1899, Arkansas
|---& Benjamin Franklin Powell
|----b. 29 Oct 1895, Arkansas
|----d. 22 Feb 1966
|----b. 24 Mar 1902
|----d. 1902
|--Evander Blackburn
|----b. 19 Oct 1903
|----d. 12 Jun 1904

This is the family of my great-grandfather William Henry Norman’s half-sister, Susan A. “Sudie” Norman and her second husband, Mitchell C. Blackburn. This was also Mitchell’s second marriage; his first wife was Josephine Johnson. Sudie was the oldest known child of Joseph Madison Carroll Norman and his second wife, Mary Patterson.

I would love to share information with anyone related to/researching this family; you can contact me at my e-mail address, which can be found by going to my profile page (there is a link to that page in the About Me section to the left).

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