Friday, June 25, 2010

Family and Friends Newsletter Friday 25 June 2010

A somewhat lean week for research and blogging due to the onset of a winter-sized cold in our 90-degree plus summer weather here.



The Moores took over my research this week, so nothing really new on Brinlees or Smith. I am working on more descendants of Samuel Moore. This includes some additional descendants of his grandson William Brewster Moore that I found on an Ancestry Public Member Tree (including pictures!).

Davi and Terzo

Very exciting news this week for some of my husband’s lines.

In your genealogical research, have you ever had an experience with something I’d call “the Zen of searching”? That is, you see a mention of a database somewhere, perhaps with a link, and think, “Oh, what the heck, I probably won’t find anything, but why don’t I just pop this name in there and see what comes up?” and you get major results? You know, in contrast to those earnest, thorough searches you make that turn up nothing? Well, that’s what happened to me.

It’s why I pay attention to the weekly Ancestry newsletters that I receive each week by e-mail. I clicked on the “Search Passenger Lists” and tried a few names on my husband’s side that I had found through SSDI records for whom no immigration records have yet turned up. “Josephine Lochner” didn’t turn up a Josephine of the right age. But “Maria Terzo” gave 11 hits, and one of them was my husband's great-great grandmother. The year 1903 matched the year of immigration that had appeared on the 1910 census for her daughter, Giovanna "Jennie" Davi, my husband’s great-grandmother. Listed were Maria (under her maiden name, Terzo) and her three children (Rosa – 13, Giovanna – 10, and Michele Davi – 4). The record indicated that they were going to meet husband and father Benedetto Davi, residing at 40 Union Street, in Brooklyn. All the previous information I had on this family was confirmed, and new information was also provided – Maria’s approximate year of birth (1903-49 = 1854) and the names and ages of two siblings for Jennie Davi.


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  2. I'm looking for information about Martha Brown Coulter and Bud Mathis Moore.

    My grandfather was Milton Donaldson Moore, who was brother to Percy Williams Moore and James Furman Moore. I believe he had nine brothers and one sister. I don't have all of the names, but I believe the six I have are: Charles A., Henry Mathis, Percy W, James Furman, Milton Donaldson and Minnie V. Any help expanding this would be appreciated.

    I would love to get a copy of the brief history written by James Furman Moore. Please tell me how I could go about doing it.

  3. Paddy, I clicked on your name, but your profile does not have an e-mail so I cannot contact you directly; I hope that you check these comments. I also started "following" your blog so that if you post, I can reply to you by posting a comment on your blog. I have plenty of information on the Bud Mathis Moore family - he was the brother of "my" William Spencer Moore, for whom "your" William Spencer was named. I also have their father - Samuel. Plus a new researcher has also found Samuel, and she is descended from yet another brother that we only had a hint about previously. Milton Moore had five brothers and four sisters, and I do have that list. I have been in contact with Furman's last surviving child, a descendant of Charles Alexander, and one or two descendants of Milton. I can also make a copy of the Furman Moore history and send it to you. I hope to hear from you soon - we can exchange information about our branches and, I hope, pictures. Moore research is really going strong right now! (My e-mail is GMKoehl "at" gmail "dot" com.)