Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Many Thanks

I was surprised, humbled, and honored to receive the Ancestor Approved Award from five fellow bloggers whom I greatly admire:

Michelle at The Turning of Generations
Linda at Documenting the Details
Karen at Genealogy Frame of Mind
Kim at Ancestors of mine from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky & Beyond (hey, Kim, did I tell you – I have ancestors from three of those states!)
Lisa at The Faces of My Family

Many thanks to you, ladies – you have made my week!

Those who receive this award are supposed to list 10 things we have learned about our ancestors that have surprised, humbled or enlightened us and then pass the award on to 10 other genealogy bloggers who we feel are doing their ancestors proud.

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers:

Cindy at Everything’s Relative – Researching Your Family History
Stephanie at Lincecum Lineage
Kate at Genealogy Bug
Judy at Genealogy Traces
Charles at Mikkel’s Hus
Taneya at Taneya’s Genealogy Blog
Ralph at Pierce Level
Alex at Winging It
Patti at Consanguinity
And last but certainly not least, Cousin Vickie at BeNotForgot

I’m sure many or most of the recipients have already received this award, so you may pass it on as you see fit.

Surprised, Humbled, Enlightened

1. Surprised at how many family legends on the Brinlee side are true and how many on the Floyd side are not.

2. Surprised that the forbears of some of my “dirt poor dirt farmer” families were pretty well off.

3. Humbled at the generosity of distant cousins who share information and pictures and at the generosity of fellow GeneaBloggers who share information and expertise.

4. Surprised that there are so many Revolutionary War Patriots, Civil War veterans, and Quakers in my background.

5. Enlightened by the fact that most of my genealogy breakthroughs are due to stubbornness rather than any brilliance on my part (harrumph!).

6. Humbled that so many of my ancestors could persevere after losing their land, their spouses, and their children.

7. Enlightened by how much history you can learn through genealogical research.

8. Surprised to find a Dallas County sheriff and a drafter of the Texas Declaration of Independence in my family tree.

9. Surprised and enlightened by how addictive reading other bloggers’ accounts of their genealogy mysteries and research conundrums can be.

10. Humbled and surprised – no, amazed – that I am here at all, considering all the hardships my ancestors had to go through.


  1. Congratulations Greta. An award you greatly deserve.

  2. Thank you so much, Linda - and congratulations on yours! I learn so much from your blog (and I love your and Carol's photo competitions!).

  3. Greta, Greta, Greta! Thanks for thinking of me for this very neat award. Your blog post and your list of things that have enlightened or surprised you was fun to read.

    Again, I appreciate you and your generosity.