Friday, April 23, 2010

Family and Friends Newsletter Friday 23 April 2010

There is not much to report on this week. I am still plodding along with Norman family research. However, a few interesting tidbits continue to pop up here and there.


Norman – Mystery Normans again

More on Arkansas Marriage Records and more on Mystery Normans: I found two sets of marriage records for Jackson “Jack” W. Norman – first for his marriage to Dicey D. Norman, daughter of Newton Norman and Rebecca Dulcenia Weston, and second to Mary Alice Karr (1913) – I’m guessing that she is a relative of Mary Frances Karr, Joseph Madison Carroll Norman’s third wife.

As for Zara L. Cotton, the only known husband of Jackson Norman’s mother, “Aunt Jane” Norman, the records I found for him on Ancestry included a record (no images, though) for “1884 Crime PO Fraud.”

Naming Patterns

So in the course of Norman research this week I encountered a couple of interesting examples of naming patterns. One guy, whose father’s last name was Richardson and mother’s last name was Richards, was named Richard Richards Richardson. Another guy was named Billy Ray (and a last name). His first son by his first wife was named Billy Ray Jr. His first son by his second wife was Billy Ray II.

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