Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Newsletter Friday: 11 December 2009

Not much genealogy going on, even though this Family Newsletter actually covers two weeks (a guest whose initials are COG kept me kinda busy, and oh yeah, we’re preparing for Christmas). One of the many good things about the COG was that it forced me to write up my Preston Moore research. I had wanted to feature my table comparing the two Prestons, but it seemed to be excessive on top of the article, plus you couldn’t read the scan I made of it. However, just for the heck of it, I have increased the font size (which means that it won’t fit onto a single page any more - and I had to remove most of the two Prestons' service histories to get it to fit into one page to begin with) and am posting it here (I see the first page comes out rather small, but you get the idea):

Did the happy dance over receiving, through the kindness of cousins, a picture with my paternal grandfather in it. It makes me happy every time I look at it or think of it.


A little bit of work done on the Normans. I’m hoping to have some time at Christmas to work on them.


Lots of Advent Calendar posting. Love reading everyone’s memories of Christmas and the holiday season! They are really getting me into the Christmas spirit. I especially appreciate learning that my family was not the only one with some unusual or even goofy traditions.

The You Go Genealogy Girls have an article about making an Ancestor Tree! Great idea; now if I just had some talent….

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