Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Genea-Santa: 86th Carnival of Genealogy

We can't go into the Christmas holiday without our genealogy wish lists for Genea-Santa!!! So write up a list of what you'd like Genea-Santa to bring you and share it in the COG :-)

Dear Genea-Santa:

This is my second letter this year to Genea-Santa, but I think you must be a different Genea-Santa, because that other one is kind of stingy. He only let us ask for one thing. So, in order to improve the odds that I’ll get at least something that I ask for this year, like a little kid who has received a refusal from one parent and has decided to do an end-run by approaching the other parent with the same request, I am going to write to you, too.

I also have to admit that you have already started out the Christmas season for me with a bang when you fixed it up with my Brinlee cousins for me to receive a picture of my Grandfather Lawrence Carroll Brinlee. That was so cool and a big surprise, too, and I am so grateful. Then there was the picture of my great-great grandfather Joseph Madison Carroll Norman that was also sent to me this year by a Norman cousin. Awesome!

I do have to start out with my Number One Request: I would like one document – any type of document, but I would like for the document to have had a reliable source – that provides the names of my great-grandmother Susan Elizabeth Smith Bonner Brinlee’s parents.

The pictures reminded me of a couple of other things that would be nice to have. Since I now have pictures of four of my great-grandparents, it would be great to have a picture of the other four: Harlston Perrin Moore and Martha E. Lewis as well as William Henry Norman and Sarah Jane Sisson.

If it is not too much extra trouble, I would love to have a really good clue that would help me find the wife of Samuel Moore (d. 1828) of Greenville County, South Carolina.

And, like many other GeneaBloggers, I think it would be wonderful to have a lot more time to devote to genealogical research and preserving my family history.

Although there are many other things I would like, I’ll save them for other years, Santa. This seems like plenty for you to do and I think it would keep me quite busy, too. With just a little more time and a few good clues, I could take it from there.

So take it easy and rest up, Genea-Santa. If you only answer a fraction of the requests on the GeneaBloggers’ wish lists, you’re going to be a busy guy.

Yours faithfully,



  1. Dear Greta,

    There is only one Genea-Santa...and he knows if you've been naughty or nice...

    I was just "priming the pump" last week with the SNGF request - wanted to know which one was most important to you.

    I love chocolate chip cookies - By the way, keeps my figure round!

    Love -- GS

  2. Aw, Genea-Santa, you know I was just pulling your chain. I love to do that and I love to get my kiss from ... oh, wait a minute, that's regular Santa that I always ask for a kiss from.

    BTW, I make a mean chocolate chip cookie!