Monday, December 7, 2009

Advent Calendar Day 2: Holiday Foods

Yes, I am aware that today is the 7th day of December and that I am posting for Advent Calendar Day 2. My excuse is that I was busy with the Carnival of Genealogy last week, so I didn’t get to post for days 2 through 5. In an effort to catch up, I’m going to try to post for Days 2 and 3 instead of doing Memory Monday today.

I don’t remember a great deal about our Christmas dinners when I was a child, but fortunately I found a picture of one of those dinners in one of my albums of old photos.

So now I’d like to do a little bit of “photo detectiving” using the clues in the picture to reconstruct one of our Christmas dinners.

Not much of a challenge guessing which Christmas: the date – January 61 – means that this was taken at Christmas in 1960.

There are at least two items in this picture that have been discussed in previous blog posts: in the lower left is the infamous banana pudding that starred in Grandma Moore, Banana Pudding, and the Telephone: An Evening of Terror (well, not the actual pudding that she ate, but you know what I mean), and the table is set (I think) with the China that my Uncle Bill brought back to my mother from his Navy tour in the Pacific that was mentioned in Memory Monday: Our Edsel.

The ham is the usual traditional meat with pineapple. That dish in the lower right corner may be ambrosia salad, and I believe the round dish toward the back contains yams with marshmallows, which I detested. The other dishes appear to be the usual vegetables plus olives, which all of us loved. Finally, there is the ever-present coffee which my father could live without.

In a later post I hope to describe my family’s current tradition of Holy Supper.

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