Saturday, October 31, 2009

SNGF - Halloween Memories

Halloween memories from my own childhood have been covered in a previous Memory Monday, Holidays Then and Now, so for Randy Seaver’s latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun I will post one of my favorite Halloween memories from when my daughters were little. (Well, it’s a favorite now; it wasn’t then.)

At our church the high school kids are in charge of putting on a Halloween party for the younger kids. Because the high school kids are still young enough to remember what they enjoyed at Halloween parties, they always put together a very enjoyable event – lots of games, prizes, and yummy food.

The party I remember in particular took place when our younger daughter had just turned five years old. She did not like to lose. She has never liked to lose. So, except for the “everybody wins” type of games, each game was a potential minefield. However, she had learned some good manners, and that was her downfall.

The game this time was Musical Chairs (to the accompaniment of “Monster Mash”). We and the other parents were standing around, watching and talking, as was our pastor, Father John.

The music stopped. The kids lunged at the remaining seats. Our daughter, who had never played Musical Chairs before, let a smaller boy take the remaining seat, then stood there, waiting for the music to start up again. One of the teenagers came over to lead her away and explained that since she had not taken a chair, she was now "out".

Our daughter stomped off, full of a five-year-old’s indignation. “This is a
b---head game!” she cried.

Gulp. Heh-heh. Dunno where she learned that word….

Father John continued to smile benevolently. He must have heard that word before.

[Note: I altered this story after I mentioned to my husband that I had posted it here. My husband corrected my memory: I had forgotten that our daughter had lost because she had offered her seat to another child, which only increased her indignation.]


  1. And a 5 year old can get so upset-especially when she thought she was being good-cute!

  2. Poor baby! Her good turn turned on her.

    Life's lessons. I'm sure she won the next year.

    Great story.


  3. Tipper - Yeah, talk about disillusionment!

    fM - Actually, Em played Musical Chairs one more time, in kindergarten. She lost again (though I think she lasted three or four rounds). That was the last time she played, as far as I know.

    Thanks for stopping by!