Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Newsletter Friday: 23 October 2009


As I wrote yesterday, first part of SmithQuest is winding down, but I plan to complete the timeline and post some inquiries this weekend.


I have transcribed a few more obituaries from the last set.

Blog Highlights

Congratulations and kudos to Linda Hughes Hiser over at Flipside for getting her Linda Hughes Hiser Family Genealogy Page moved to its new spot at Yahoo. Sounds like this was an enormous and terribly difficult undertaking. It’s one thing to put our reams of information together once for something like this, but to have to redo it takes real dedication.

In a post entitled “He Had Me at ‘Detective’” over at Family Stories, Caroline Pointer writes about the unsolved mystery of the murder of her great-uncle Roscoe Benton Martin and his four children, a mystery which she intends to “own” and will be researching and writing about on her blog; she also solicits any suggestions readers may wish to offer. This sounds fascinating and I wish her success in her investigation!

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