Thursday, October 22, 2009


I decided to give my brick wall (Lizzie Smith) search a glam new name, so SmithQuest it is.

For a while I’ll be giving SmithQuest a rest, since trying to ferret out information on Smiths in Tennessee has become a little bit wearisome, even though I’ve made some progress on this front.

However, before I take a break to work on other families, there are some things I need to do to get set up for more searching in the future:

1. Get in touch with the people who have Ancestry trees on the Smith families that I have identified as good candidates or who have posted on these families in various message boards.

2. Put inquiries in the Smith, Bonner, and relevant geographic location message boards on these families. This may take a while to produce results, but hey, I’ve got time.

3. Compile as complete a timeline as possible for Lizzie’s whereabouts, starting with her marriage to Hiram in December 1891 (her first documented location with a specific date).

4. Survey all the online newspaper archives I can find to see if there are any that cover any of the places where Lizzie Smith lived and subscribe to any that cover the relevant areas (this is where the timeline comes in handy).

Hoping to get a good block of time to work on these items this weekend.


  1. Love the name! I've neglected my own Minnesota Smith Quest in order to work on my Jones Saga.

  2. Oooh, I love Saga for a project name! It's just that my project names are so long and clunky - it's easier if they're short and snappy.