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Featured Family Friday: Family of William Brewster Moore and Mary Shirley

William Brewster “Bruce” Moore was the youngest son of William Spencer Moore and Emily Tarrant. Here is a transcription of his obituary:

Obituary of William Bruce Moore (The Greenville News, 29 Jul 1924, p. 6)

“ANDERSON, July 28 – (Special) – William Bruce Moore, Confederate veteran, 73 years of age, died Sunday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lula Miller. Mr. Moore is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters, W. D. Moore, A. P. Moore, and Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Bessie Shirley. Funeral services were held at Hopewell church Monday afternoon, with Rev. E. C. White conducting the services.”

Unless he was something like a drummer boy, it is unlikely he served in the Civil War, as he would have been only 13-14 at the end of the war.

As was the case with the Commodore Worth Moore family, there are definitely some loose ends to tie up with the William Brewster Moore family. For one thing, I need to find the name of the first wife of William Dexter Moore; she had already died by the 1910 census, on which William Dexter Moore was listed as a widower. Dates of death for Lena Moore and Mattie Rosanna Wall Moore and birth and death dates for Ida Bridges Moore are missing.

William Brewster “Bruce” Moore
b. 9 May 1851, Anderson Co., South Carolina
d. 27 Jul 1924, Anderson Co., South Carolina
& Mary Elizora Elizabeth Shirley
b. 18 Feb 1849, Anderson Co., South Carolina
d. 31 Aug 1926, Anderson Co., South Carolina
m. 1880
|--Bessie Lois Moore
|----b. Apr 1874, Anderson Co., South Carolina
|----d. 29 Sep 1938, Anderson Co., South Carolina
|---& Charles Crayton Shirley
|----b. 26 Mar 1871, Anderson Co., South Carolina
|---- d. 2 Sep 1960, Anderson Co., South Carolina
|---- m. ca 1893
|--Lena Moore
|----b. Jul 1879, Anderson Co., South Carolina
|----d. bef 1924
|--William Dexter Moore*
|----b. 27 Jan 1882, Anderson Co., South Carolina
|----d. 23 Aug 1963
|---& Ida Bridges
|--Lula Elizabeth Moore
|----b. 9 Mar 1885
|----d. 7 Oct 1968, Laurens, South Carolina
|---& John Kelsy Miller
|----b. 26 Mar 1885, Arkansas
|----d. 26 Feb 1931
|----m. ca 1903
|--Aaron Priestly Commodore Moore
|----b. 3 Oct 1888, Anderson, South Carolina
|----d. 19 Feb 1962, South Carolina
|---& Mattie Rosanna Wall
|----b. 1896, South Carolina or Georgia
|----m. ca 1910

If you are reading this and believe that you are related to this family I would really like to hear from you (you can find my e-mail if you click on View my complete profile under the section at the left entitled “About Me”).

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