Saturday, June 6, 2009

Puckerbrush Award for Excellence

I was flabbergasted, flattered, and downright humbled and honored to be awarded the Puckerbrush Award for Excellence by one of my genea-blogging idols, Becky Jamison at Grace and Glory. I have a whole slew of role models in the genea-blogging world that I would love to give this award to; to narrow it down to 10, I selected some blogs from which I have recently learned something (facts, research methods, or just plain old models of good writing). (You all know that not only do I get inspiration from your blogs, I like to steal your ideas, too….). Since I will be continuing with the Blog Showcase series, I will describe how I have personally benefited from these blogs in that series of articles, and will simply list and link here:

Valerie Craft at Begin with Craft
Linda Hughes Hiser at Flipside
Cindy at They That go Down to the Sea
Caroline Pointer at Family Stories
Leah Kleylein at Random Notes
Diana R. at Random Relatives
Patti Browning at Consanguinity
Amy Crooks at Untangled Family Roots
TCasteel at Tangled Trees
Jennifer Trahan at Jennifer’s Genealogy Blog

(Notice that the words "random" and "tangled" appear twice in this list. That was not intentional. But it must reflect a common perception of genealogy as trying to introduce order where chaos exists.)

You can read about Terry Thornton’s inspiration for creating this award here.

And a big thank you to Becky, both for the award and for your wonderful contributions to the genea-blogging community.


  1. Thank you, Greta! You are very deserving, as are all those you chose to pass this on to! Loved your post!

  2. Thank you Greta for nominating me for this award. To receive it from a fellow blogger that I follow daily is quite an honor. I always appreciate all the kind comments you leave for me on Flipside. THANK YOU!

  3. Thank You Greta! It was a shock to be nominated once.... but twice? Thanks! Keep up the good work on yours as well.

  4. Thank you so much Greta!!! I really appreciate you thinking of me!