Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Problem With Google Reader

I think I have figured out what my problem with Google Reader is. The last couple of days the post numbers were much closer to my usual 120-180 posts a day.

The problem is that it took at least two sessions to pile up these numbers, one in the morning and one in the evening. For the previous three days, however, only 100 to 108 posts were were in the reader when I opened it for a single reading session each evening.

It appears that Google Reader is dropping posts shortly after the number of posts reaches the 100 mark. I cannot just split up my reading, since during the workweek I have no time to do any reading before I leave for work. I’ll check again Monday to see whether the evening number is still near the 100 mark.

I checked my settings to see whether there was any limit on the number of unread posts, but I cannot find anything that seems to be relevant to my problem.

There may also be a backlog problem; see Amy Coffin’s comment to the post below.

Has anyone had a problem like this with Google Reader?


  1. Greta, I for some reason, and I will NOT question why, do not seem to be having the issue with the numbers either. The reader from the dashboard does not tell me how many unread, but the reader from iGoogle home page DOES and I will not admit to how many are there, let's just say it is more than the highest number they show on that page. I never dump any, I just let them roll down if I don't read them.

    Thing I do like about reader on iGoogle home page is that if I click to read the post, it shows it ALL, including photos, and I can click from there into the actual blog if I want to leave a comment.

    But the limits you seem to be experiencing just do not seem right to me.

    Just to check, I went to Reader proper, and it shows the same number of unread, the max with a little + sign.

    Not sure what it all means, cept something is rotten in the state of Greta's Blog rolls. SIGHHH

  2. Carol - Based on what you have written here, I have added Reader to my iGoogle home page. I will see on Monday if that gives me the right numbers. Thanks!

  3. Greta, Mine isn't dropping after 100 - I have over 1,000 unread in Reader right now! The only thing that's difficult for me with the new format is you can't find your starred items as easy as before.


  4. Greta, I use Google Reader thru my iGoogle page also and was not able to get to it yesterday. This morning I had 226, so none had evidently been dropped.

  5. Greta, I have not been having the same problem as you.

    However, several days ago the problem I was having was that the Reader was not marking post as read. So the next time I would open up Google Reader, I would see the same posts I had already read along with the new ones.

    Kind of the opposite problem as yours. My solution was to throw up my hands and hope it would go away. It did after a few days.

    Not laughing in Arizona.

  6. Donna - The format is definitely a pain!

    Becky - I'm trying to figure out if I have done something to cause the posts to drop. I didn't used to have Google Reader on my iGoogle page. I'm going to look tomorrow to see whether the trend continues.

    Michelle - I have had the "not marking read posts as read," too. So frustrated!

  7. While I was on the road last week my Google Reader number climbed to over 900 so I'm not having a maximum # problem. I do not import the blogs I follow into Google Reader. Several months ago I wanted to sort my blog reading into folders and couldn't get that to work with importing them so I added each blog individually to Google Reader. Don't know if that is why I'm not having a problem or not.

  8. Ah, Linda, I am longing for the old days when my numbers were that high. Unfortunately, when I came home tonight, I got a lower-end number - 84. So posts are definitely being dropped/counted read/not counted/whatever. I guess I'll replace my morning newspaper with Google Reader.