Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whatever Wednesday: 21 September 2011

The usual occupant of this space, What I Learned Wednesday, can’t be here today.

Because I haven’t learned anything - because I haven’t done any research this week.

But this is not necessarily a bad thing. The Big Cleanup and Organization Project has been leaving me physically tired but mentally energized. And I am getting in better and better “mental health shape” for research and learning.

Tomorrow I WILL learn something, because Steve Luxenberg, author of Annie’s Ghosts, will be speaking at Fairfax Genealogical Society’s September meeting.


“Genealogy from the Inside Out: Tracing a Family Secret from a Single Clue”
by Steve Luxenberg

7:30 p.m., Thursday, September 22
Kilmer Middle School

Here is the blurb from the FxGS newsletter:

“When a family secret alters our understanding of the family tree - such as learning about a hidden relative, marriage, divorce or cause of death - where do we begin to unravel what had always been kept out of sight? This presentation shows how to make the journey, and how one secret can lead to others. Mr. Luxenburg traveled through burial records, birth certificates, hospital records, immigration documents, and wartime records from diverse locations - imperial Russia, Depression-era Detroit, the Philippines, and European war zones - and assembles them into a coherent paper trail.”


  1. How wonderful! Loved that book, read in one weekend. Can't wait to hear what you learn. Enjoy!

  2. Greta, good for you - clearing the cobwebs is great for mental health. Bet you got more out of the program last night!

  3. Your blurb from FxGS made me want to be there. Think I look for that book. See you teach and learn, even when you don't think you are doing so. Way to go, Greta.

  4. Be sure you let us know how Steve's talk was. "Annie's Ghosts" was the first e-book I ever downloaded, and it was fabulous! Would love to hear Steve's talk.

  5. Deb - It was a great presentation; if you ever have a chance, go hear Steve speak.

    Laura - It's strange, but I really do notice a difference. No wonder I always felt like cleaning my dorm room before a big test in college!

    Joan - I wish you could come out here and visit, maybe come to our spring conference (it's two days this year). I'll bet we could have a blast!

    Elizabeth - I had intended to get it as an e-book, but after the talk, I just couldn't wait!