Friday, September 23, 2011

Fan Friday: Google Alerts and Annie's Ghosts

Google alerts rock.

No, I did not receive a Google Alert on one of my ancestors.

But Steve Luxenberg, author of Annie’s Ghosts who delivered a wonderful and informative presentation last night at the monthly meeting of the Fairfax Genealogical Society, did get a Google Alert from my blog. He told me so when I went up to buy a copy of his book and get it signed by him. So I did anything a serious genealogy research and blogger would do: I gushed like a fan.

There was plenty to gush about. We had a full house and you could really sense the interest during the lecture and the excitement about meeting the author afterwards. For those few of you who have not yet read the book (I was going to wait until Christmas, when I am hoping to get an iPad, to buy the book, but couldn’t wait - I had forgotten to go to the ATM and only had $13 - the exact price of the paperback - so fate meant for me to buy it), I won’t spoil it for you, but I can say that Steve included some things that are not in the book and also had some good information on getting disability records from the VA, possible avenues for obtaining medical records, and getting information on an ancestor from post-1930 censuses.

So, back to Google Alerts. They obviously work. I set up Google Alerts a few months ago but have not received a single one.

Google Alerts, you are on notice:

Harlston Perrin Moore.

I had better be receiving an Alert on him. Soon.


  1. You've reminded me that I need to revise my google alerts. Thanks!

  2. Perhaps I should set up Google alerts.......I have never been to that page.

  3. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and yes, Google Alerts does work. But, it was funny that Steve was on the "alert" for you.

  4. Great story, Greta! Annie's Ghosts remains one of my favorite books of the year!

  5. Lisa - I have to go back and look at what I entered for Google Alerts. It didn't send me anything for mentioning my ancestor's name.

    Claudia - They're pretty easy to do, but so far I haven't gotten anything from them. I think I'll add a few names and see whether I get anything from them.

    Barbara - Steve must have had his name and/or his book's name under his alerts, and it brought up my blog because I mentioned them both.

    Susan - I can see why you love that book - I am really enjoying it, too.

  6. I've been meaning to set up Google alerts, and the intention has always gotten lost in the daily flow of living. Now you've inspired me to try again! Thanks.