Saturday, August 13, 2011

Surname Saturday: Frederick William Tönjes and Magdalena “Lena” Koehl

Frederick William A. Tönjes
  b. 24 Jun 1879, Bremen, Germany
& Magdalena M. “Lena” Koehl
  b. 1876, New York
  d. Apr 1969
  m. 14 Nov 1900, Kings County, New York
|--Adelina Tönjes
|----b. 10 Sep 1901
|----d. 31 Jan 1902, Kings County, New York
|--Josephine Tönjes
|----b. 23 Aug 1903, New York
|----d. May 1975, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
|---& Thomas
|--Ernst Tönjes
|----b. 16 Nov 1908, New York
|----d. 20 Aug 1990, Orange County, California
|---& Rowena Booraem
|----b. 15 Nov 1910, New York
|----d. 8 Sep 1991, Orange County, California
|--Hermine A. Tönjes
|----b. 3 May 1911, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
|----d. 3 Oct 2004, Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
|---& Elmer H. Booraem
|----b. 13 Nov 1902, New York
|----d. 20 Sep 1991
This is the family of Frederick William A. Tönjes and Magdalena “Lena” Koehl, the sister of my husband’s great-grandfather Henry “Harry” Koehl and the daughter of Julius Koehl and Josephine Lochner.  
Based on a passport application I found on Ancestry, Josephine Tönjes appears to have made a trip with her aunt and uncle Josephine Koehl Glashoff and Peter Glashoff to Germany in 1923.
I would love to share information with anyone related to/researching this family; you can contact me at my e-mail address, which can be found by going to my profile page (there is a link to that page in the About Me section to the left).

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