Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Genea-Coincidence Alert!

The past couple of days have been great ones for genea-coincidences and genea-connections.  First, Barbara Poole of Life from the Roots notified me via Facebook yesterday that she had found a blog with a Greenville connection and saw that I was not listed among the followers.  It turned out that this was Southwest Arkie's new genealogy blog, which I had not found (I had really been missing SW Arkie's old blog, which I thought had gone dormant).  Barbara is a real Genea-Angel!  And now I know of another Genea-Blogger with a Greenville connection.

Today I got a Facebook note from Terri Kallio of The Ties That Bind, who is researching the Curtice family.  A search brought her to my blog - Bettie Curtice Rosser was a close friend of Julia Mister Lewis, the wife of my great-great uncle, William Henry Lewis.  Bettie Rosser's grandson was the genea-angel who sent me letters and pictures of Henry and Julia Lewis as well as some family pictures of the Curtices and Rossers. Terri and I are now exchanging information on connections and photographs. 

This is why I love being a Genea-Blogger; it's some of the best legal fun you can have!


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  2. Talk about coincidences! This week I heard from someone connected to the Nebraska Curtice family (inlaws of inlaws - no blood relation to me) and a family named Risser, not Rosser.

    Any chance these are your kin, too, Greta?

  3. Can we say?


    Fun week! Enjoy!

  4. Thanks Greta for the mention, although I don't know about the angel part. Sweet of you.

  5. Susan - I am not connected to the Curtices, but my great-great-uncle's wife was a close friend of Bettie Curtice and after Bettie's death she and the gg-uncle helped to raise Bettie's children. And that coincidence is really strange!

    Carol and Barbara - thanks for dropping by!