Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Newsletter and Follow News: 11 March 2011

This Week in Genea-Blogging

It was there all the time

Donna Pointkouski tells us about her “Lesson Learned: Track Down Every Clue” at What’s Past Is Prologue, and promises to tell us about “the sister who disappeared.”  (Waiting impatiently here...)

Do you have a “grasshopper brain”?

Find out what a “new genealogist” has to say about this and about why she is not yet a “real genealogist” in an interesting post, “A ‘Real Genealogist,’” written by a “new blogger,” Frustrated Sue, at The Frustrated Genealogist blog (one of my new follows this week).

Some interesting mysteries this week:

“Murder Most Foul?”
at Cheri Daniels’ Journeys Past and
“The Complicated Parentage of Sarah Nodine Milner Steen” at Dorene’s Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay.

Maps, censuses, and personal interviews

Daniel Hubbard at Personal Past Meditations shows how he combined the three to put together an image of the town of his father’s youth in “Taking Walks with the Census Taker and my Dad.”

Marian asks

“Why do people have favorite ancestors?”
at Roots and Rambles - and she gets some interesting answers!

Check out a great story ...

at Tami Osmer Glatz’s Finding Family Stories - “Death, Deceit, and a Couple of Sea Captains.”

Moving farther back or researching in greater depth?

Kirsty Wilkinson at The Professional Descendant explores this question in “Genealogy versus Family History,” and cites the example of her professional research as evidence of a changing trend.

I’ve Put This How-To on my To-Do List

A Dropbox how-to, “Dropbox Links,” is posted over at JLog. Gotta do this.

Diig deeper in your research

At Moultrie Creek Gazette, Denise Olson lets us in on how “Diigo Offers More Research Goodness.”

Not a blog, but

A good link suggested by several bloggers this week: Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

Read a hot and steamy love story

over at GeneaBlogie. It’s called “A Love Story.” You won’t regret it!

Conference attendance

The Ancestry Insider speculates on the effect RootsTech and scheduling of other genealogy conferences will have on the attendance at these events and cites declining attendance at Family History Expos as one casualty in “South Davis Fair in the Aftermath of RootsTech.”

For more suggested blog reading

Check out "Best of the Genea-Blogs" at Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings and "Follow Friday: Around the Blogosphere" at Susan Petersen's Long Lost

This week I started following these blogs:

AK’s Genealogy Research

Ancestral Wormhole

Family Tech

Finding Family Stories

Four Generations Genealogy

Genealogy Your Way

Hunting Dead People

It’s a CHURCH Thing

The Door Keepers

What's Up With Google Reader and Blogger?

My apologies to readers of Follow Friday - I'm probably missing a lot of Thursday posts and very likely other posts as well. Neither Google Reader nor the Blogger reader seem to be working as they should. A few days ago, I opened Google Reader to see twice as many posts listed as I usually have; for about 10 blogs, all of their posts for the last couple of weeks were included, and these are blogs I have been following for a while. Then a couple of days later I noticed that far fewer posts were showing up in the reader, and Google Reader indicated that I was not following many blogs that I'm positive I DO follow. So I have been trying to resubscribe and refollow, but I'm sure there are posts that I'm missing (will probably have to resubscribe to all of the new adds you see here every week). Plus the Blogger reader says that I am not following any blogs. It has done this before, but the problem would usually correct itself after a while. This time it has been a couple of days.

Has anyone ever had any of these problems and if you did, how did you fix them?

My deepest thanks

to whoever nominated Greta's Genealogy Blog for Family Tree Magazine's 40 Top Genealogy Blogs, to the hardworking panel members, to those who voted, to the wonderful people who read and comment on this blog and make it so much fun to write, and to all my fellow Genea-Bloggers: you make this one of the most awesome communities, one that I am so proud to be a member of.

My Research Week

This week I did a lot of the "slow work" described in the previous post.  Much of this centered on one of my husband's families, the Fichtelmanns, mainly inputting information on his great-great grandfather Johann (John) August Fichtelmann and great-great grandmother Katharina "Katy" Scherer.

The other main activity was transcribing the estate packet of Bud Mathis Moore.  First clue to show up:  the married name of Ellen Cox, daughter of Mary E. T. Moore and Isaac Cox - it was Bramlett.  I believe I found her and her husband, J.G. Bramlett, as well as their son Eddie on the 1880 census in Austin Township, Greenville County.

The highlight of the week was learning that Terri Kallio is researching the Curtices.  I am sure that Terri is going to enjoy learning about this family.  And Terri, I'm working on those scans!

Another exciting moment was hearing from an old college friend on Facebook - she found me through my genealogy blog and is also into genealogy!

I will be away next week, so there will not be any Follow Friday.


  1. Greta --- when I get overwhelmed, there is your Friday Follow-up to get me back on track. Thanks.