Saturday, July 10, 2010

Surname Saturday: Elijah Norman and Margaret Agnes Kinsey

Elijah “Lige” Norman
b. 11 Jan 1874, Alabama
d. 15 Feb 1953
& Margaret Agnes Kinsey
b. 26 Jan 1874
d. 28 Sep 1918
m. 18 Oct 1894
|--Walter Denton Norman
|----b. 7 Dec 1895, Meyers, Garland, Arkansas
|----d. 4 Mar 1968
|---& Viola Irene Buck
|----b. 2 Dec 1904
|----d. Sep 1987, Crossett, Ashley, Arkansas
|----m. 4 Jul 1923
|--Joseph Ellis Norman
|----b. 7 May 1898, Arkansas
|----d. 2 Oct 1979
|---& Ida Mae Johnson
|----b. 29 Jan 1904
|----d. 4 Jul 1990
|----m. 29 Jan 1920, Garland County, Arkansas
|--Mary Susan Norman
|----b. 18 Feb 1901, Meyers Creek, Garland Co., Arkansas
|----d. 13 Jan 1980, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
|---& Gilford Elijah Powell
|----b. 20 Dec 1899, Montgomery Co., Arkansas
|----d. 4 Nov 1992, Richardson, Dallas Co., Texas
|----m. 3 Jul 1918
|--Elvia Prudence Norman
|----b. 15 May 1903, Meyer Comm, Garland Co., Arkansas
|----d. 8 Oct 2002, Mount Ida, Montgomery, Arkansas
|---& Isaac Lester Standridge
|----b. 8 Oct 1893, Arkansas
|----d. 17 Dec 1981
|----m. 2 Jul 1921, Montgomery Co., Arkansas,
|--Manuel Alexander Norman
|----b. 17 Jun 1905, West of Hot Springs, Garland Co., Arkansas
|----d. 30 Jul 1985, Norman, Montgomery, Arkansas
|---& Lydia Fryar
|----b. 17 Jun 1906, Arkansas
|----d. Oct 1983
|----m. 24 Dec 1925, Montgomery Co., Arkansas
|--Nancy Olive Norman
|----b. 8 Dec 1907, Arkansas
|----d. 15 Mar 1968
|---& William Elmer Milholen
|----b. 4 Sep 1904, Arkansas
|----d. 2 Mar 1961

This is the family of Elijah “Lige” Norman (son of Joseph Madison Carroll Norman and Mary Patterson) and his first wife, Margaret Agnes Kinsey (daughter of Jessie Sanford Kinsey and Susan Emeline Wacaster). Margaret’s sister Lillie Catherine Kinsey was the second wife of Lige’s brother Newton Leonard Norman, and two of the children of her sister Prudence married into the Norman family: Simon Peter Tallent married Josephine Rebecca “Josie” Cannon, a daughter of Susan A. “Sudie” Norman, and Caldonia Emeline “Callie” Tallent married Lige’s half-brother Jessie “Judge Spivey” Norman.

I would love to share information with anyone related to/researching this family; you can contact me at my e-mail address, which can be found by going to my profile page (there is a link to that page in the About Me section to the left).

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