Friday, July 2, 2010

Family and Friends Newsletter Friday 2 July 2010


I’ve been extremely busy with both work and research this week, so blogging has taken a back seat. Lots of stuff happening on the Moore and Brinlee lines, plus I have to do some research before FGS in August and a planned research trip to Greenville, SC in September.


Contacted by yet another Moore this week – through comments on my blog. One problem is that there was no way to contact her back (her profile included no e-mail, and she has started a blog, but it has no posts, so I cannot comment on it). The solution was found when I looked in my Moore family tree on Reunion and found her – I had made a note that she has a Public Member Tree on Ancestry, so I went to the tree and contacted her through Ancestry.

Spoke to the cousin who is descended from the “new Moore brother” – aka Cousin Paula – and I think that I will start advertising that family and see whether we can dig up more descendants from that line. We are starting very gradually to plan our research trip to Greenville.


Have been working with another Brinlee cousin to find descendants of Benjamin F. Brindley of Putnam County, Tennessee. We do not know whether or not he is related to the Brinley family in Tennessee with whom we are connected as indicated by DNA results, but it is possible and we would like to use DNA to find out one way or the other. If you are a descendant of this Benjamin F. Brindley and are reading this – you can get a DNA test and there is someone who will pay for it, so please contact me!

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