Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Off-Topic Tuesday: Genealogist Action Figure?

OK, this is (almost) totally off-topic and completely random, but was inspired by one of those silly conversations that my husband and I often have (sometimes aided and abetted by our daughters).

We got onto the subject of action figures, specifically, action figures for people in regular jobs (not adventure-type professions), people who have certain personality types, or people who have certain types of hobbies.

My husband described my action figure as “Crazy Cat Lady with Crazy Bird Lady Expansion Pack.”

I, of course, would have opted for an “Obsessed Genealogist/Geneaholic” action figure, but what would that look like? Would it be a subset of the Nerd/Geek action figure, only with grayer hair and even poorer eyesight? Or would it be a type of Fearless Hunter action figure, only armed with camera, tape recorder, and ahnentafels? What kind of accessories would it have? Would it have themes the way Barbie does – Courthouse Crawler Genealogist, Tombstone Tracker Genealogist, Brickwall Basher Genealogist?

What do you think?


  1. Wow - first it was trading cards and now it's action figures! Can a movie tie-in be far behind? I hate to say it, but I think we would probably be a subset of the Nerd/Geek group although I like to THINK that I'm a "Fearless Hunter"

  2. I need to contemplate this post. VERRRRYYYYYY interesting.

  3. "FEARLESS HUNTER & ADVENTURER" ~ more in line with the "National Treasure" movie. [At least, that's what I like to think of myself!] =)

    Family Stories

  4. I need to point out that there already is a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure on Amazon.

    I guess we could get a "base" action figure and add to it to create a Genealogist Action Figure - what would we add?

  5. Currently for me, it would be an action figure that is pulling her hair out! Trying to migrate my geocities genealogy home page over to yahoo is taking me so much time and effort. I guess my action figure would also come with a plastic brick wall.

  6. Diana - Yeah, I like to feel like Fearless Hunter/Great Detective, but I think I must look like Ubergeek.
    Carol - Yup, it kind of made me think about how all of us obsessed geneaholics appear to others.
    Caroline - Hee, hee.
    Thomas - OMG! Maybe that's what my husband had in mind (I'm going to check out your link). I like Linda's idea of the plastic brick wall as a "must have" accessory. Speaking of which --
    Linda - Sounds like the figure needs to have removable hair plugs!

  7. A fun thing to discuss! I think you'd for sure need a note pad and a magnifying glass.