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Featured Family: Charles Augustus Floyd and Angeline Elizabeth Matlock

Shown in photo above:
Top row: Oscar Floyd ? ? ? (Two of the women may be daughters of Absalom Floyd)
Middle row: Elva, Lora, and Eula Floyd
Bottom row: Absalom Floyd, Lillie Barley Floyd, Dona Floyd, Myrtie Geisert Floyd, Finley Floyd, Maude Davis Floyd, King David Floyd

Charles Augustus Floyd
b. 28 Jun 1840, Greene Co., Illinois
d. 4 Mar 1894, Dallas County, TX
& Angeline Elizabeth Matlock
b. 18 Nov 1847, Bowling Green, Warren Co., Kentucky
d. 11 Oct 1916, Dallas County, TX
m. 13 Jan 1867, Home of T.H. Taylor, Texas
|--Oscar Matlock Floyd
|----b. 25 Apr 1869, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 27 Aug 1941, Dallas County, TX
|----& Arsana Irene Morris
|----b. 26 Apr 1876, Louisiana
|----d. 26 Mar 1926, Dallas County, TX
|----m. 28 Dec 1903, Waxahachie, Texas
|--Lora Etna Floyd
|----b. 1 Oct 1870, Hutchins, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 9 Aug 1951, Hopkinsville, Christian Co., Kentucky
|----& Joseph Boyd
|----b. Sep 1857, Kentucky
|----- m. 3 Nov 1889
|--Finley E. “Boss” Floyd
|----b. 1 Dec 1872, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 18 Aug 1936, Whitesboro, Grayson County, TX
|----& Myrtie Alice Geisert
|----b. 29 Nov 1874, Illinois
|----d. 17 Mar 1967, Irving, Dallas County, Texas
|----m. 27 Oct 1918
|--Augusta Melvina Floyd
|----b. 20 Sep 1874, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 18 Aug 1917, Denison, Grayson County, TX
|----& William R. Gifford
|----b. 1876, Arkansas
|----m. 3 Aug 1903, Waxahachie, Texas
|--Absalom Bryson Floyd
|----b. 24 Feb 1876, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 22 May 1942, Welsh Community Hospital, Collinsville, Texas
|----& Lillie Mae Barley
|----b. 16 Apr 1876, West Virginia
|----d. 30 May 1964, Collinsville, Grayson, Texas
|----m. 20 Sep 1906
|--Lannie Angelina Floyd
|----b. 13 Jul 1878, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 29 Sep 1901
|----& Henry Burden
|----b. Aug 1874, Sparta, White, Tennessee
|----m. 1900
|--King David Floyd
|----b. 16 Feb 1880, Lancaster, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 16 Mar 1947, Seymour, Baylor County, Texas
|----& Maude Francis Davis
|----b. 3 May 1884, Hill County, Texas
|----d. 27 Feb 1958, Seymour, Baylor County, Texas
|----m. 20 Sep 1903, Dallas, TX
|--Elva Ann Floyd
|----b. 2 Dec 1881, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 11 Mar 1954, Chester Clinic, Dallas, Texas
|----& William H. Cutler
|----b. 4 Aug 1873, St. Louis, Missouri
|----d. 8 Aug 1928
|----m. 29 Dec 1903
|--Eula Amanda Floyd
|----b. 3 Sep 1883, Lancaster, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 9 Jun 1972, Torrance, CA
|----& Kirby Runion Moore
|----b. 29 Apr 1880, Lancaster, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 1 Oct 1950, Baylor County Hospital, Seymour, TX
|----m. 14 Nov 1907, Oak Cliff, Texas
|--Dona Irene “Donie” Floyd
|----b. 26 May 1885, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 16 Jun 1964, Clay County, Texas
|----& Samuel Boon Slayback
|----b. 8 Aug 1880, Dallas County, Texas
|----d. 3 May 1957, Clay County, Texas
|----m. 11 May 1910
|--George Washington Floyd
|----b. 21 Mar 1889, Lancaster, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 30 Nov 1969, Gresham, Oregon
|----& Grace M.
|----b. 28 Jun 1894, Arkansas
|----d. 5 Nov 1979, Los Angeles, California
|----& Harriet Josephine Hanawalt
|----b. 6 Nov 1897, Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania
|----d. 20 Dec 1975, Grass Valley, Nevada
|----m. 1925

This is the family of my mother’s maternal grandparents; in the banner for this blog, Charles is shown in the second picture from the right and Angeline is shown in the second picture from the left. Their ninth child, my grandmother Eula Amanda Floyd, is shown in the middle picture with my grandfather Kirby Runion Moore.

Charles Floyd was the son of George Floyd and Nancy Finley. The article on Charles Augustus Floyd in the Memorial and Biographical History of Dallas County, Texas (Illustrated), Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, 1892 includes the following information:

“Charles A. Floyd was eight years old when he came to Texas, and on his father’s frontier farm he was reared, receiving his education in the common schools. He remained with his parents until the breaking out of the late war, and in July 1861, he enlisted in Company F, Sixth Texas Cavalry, and served in the western army until the Battle of Corinth. He participated in the battle of Pea Ridge, Iuka and Corinth, and was taken prisoner. He then took the oath of allegiance and returned to his home, after being absent four years. He at once engaged in farming, and that occupation has since claimed his attention.

“January 13, 1867, Mr. Floyd was united in marriage with Miss Angelina E. Metlock, a native of Kentucky and a daughter of Absalom and Nancy Malvina (Harris) Metlock [Matlock], of that State. The Metlock [Matlock] family came to Texas in 1852 and settled near where Mr. Floyd now lives.”

Charles Floyd’s descendants believe that he is one of the two brothers referred to in the Floyd Family legend; he is the only brother known to have fought in the Civil War, although either or both Henry Oscar Floyd and David Harriet Floyd may also have served.

Charles Floyd was counted among the prosperous farmers of Dallas County, but in the 1880s he suffered severe financial troubles and lost a great deal of land in connection with his inability to meet the mortgage payment in one of his land deals. These problems may have contributed to his early death.

Although Charles and Angeline had eleven children, only six of them had children who survived childhood. Descendants of three of the siblings – Oscar Matlock, King David, and Eula Amanda – are in contact and share research with one another. We would be happy to share information with other descendants and Floyd researchers.

The following information is missing:

- A possible first wife for Oscar Matlock Floyd (the census indicates that Arsana was his second wife, and there were rumors that he married a Native American woman when he lived in Oklahoma).
- Dates of death for Joseph Boyd, William Gifford, and Henry Burden.
- The maiden name for George Washington Floyd’s first wife, Grace, and the date of their marriage.

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