Friday, March 6, 2009

Celebrate Your Name Week: My Name Badge

I have sort of been trying to participate in Celebrate Your Name Week this week but have been only partially successful. Today as I was reading GenBlog by Julie, I was admiring her virtual name tag and it suddenly occurred to me - I have at least a couple of really neat name tags that I could scan. I am featuring my favorite one of all time; it was done by an artist friend of mine, Hannah Shapero, for me to wear at a science fiction convention (the venerable Boskone, for anyone out there who follows science fiction conventions) waaaay back in the days when we were in grad school together. The cat is my cat Fred, who lived in my dorm room with me and looked exactly as he is depicted on the badge. I never got in trouble because the RA had her own pet, a lovely rabbit in the same beautiful orange and white colors as Fred. The building custodian, Archie, never turned me in, either, even though he would see Fred in my window from time to time; I think he also got a kick out of Fred and besides, I bribed him with Hershey's Candy Kisses. My other really nifty name tag also features Fred, but in a Dr. Who motif: the Tardis is in the background and Fred is wearing a Dr. Who scarf. Fred was a master of the Silent Meow, and when he did talk, it sounded like "Meep, meep!"


  1. Greta, is your last name pronounced like Kale? Often the oe is pronounced like an A.

  2. Greta,
    I love the name badge.

  3. Becky,

    We have heard of Koehls who pronounce it that way, but my husband's family just pronounces it coal/Cole.


    Thank you! I have always thought Hannah did an amazing job capturing the essence of Fred.

  4. What an amazing nametag! Lucky you.

  5. I love cats, too! I'll have to think of a nametag!