Sunday, January 4, 2009

Photo Identification

As you can see from reading the post below, I have stumbled onto a little mystery. The photos in question may not be of the same person, but my search through my mother's old photo albums has made me realize how many pictures I have inherited in which I do not know some or all of the people. In the past I have enlisted my cousins' help in identifying some other old photos through a group e-mail. I have decided to simplify the process by creating a special photo album on my Facebook page (starting with the photos below) that will eventually have all of my "mystery photographs." Several of my cousins are on Facebook, so I am hoping to get some good results from this ... or drive my cousins as crazy as these mystery photographs are driving me!


  1. Greta

    Have you also posted copies over at Dead Fred (

  2. Aaack - you're right - I should definitely do that. You know, this should have been one of my resolutions, to make a systematic effort to get these mystery photos ID'd. Well, even if it is a late resolution, I can make a stab at it. Thanks for the suggestion!