Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do You Recognize This Woman?

To Judith Shubert of Genealogy Traces - might this be your grandmother? I know I have seen a photograph very much like the one you posted on your blog at My mother's name was Mandy Moore (Roberts after she married her first husband, Dock). She was born and grew up in Texas and later lived in California. Unfortunately I cannot find the actual picture that I am thinking of, but she may have been the same person as the one shown in these photos.


  1. Hi Greta,
    Well, that's very interesting. Are you thinking of my post about my Grandmother's half-sister, Lula Genevive Roberts at

    I've only seen that one picture of her. But need to look at it a little closer.

    Lula was born in Louisiana just over the Texas state line. Would love to find a connection!

  2. The picture that struck me was the one of Edna Alice Puckett Gailey. I know I have seen a photo somewhere among my mother's pictures that looks very much like that (same pose and everything). I have never known who the lady in question was; my cousins and I have been trying to figure out who all the friends and connections in our parents' photograph albums were. I will circulate the pictures I posted among my cousins and see if any of them can remember.

    That leaves the coincidence of the name Roberts. Do you know if Marion Roberts' family was from Tennessee? That is where Dock Roberts' family came from. It is possible that a number of the photos that I have been unable to identify belong to the Roberts side, as my mother's old photograph albums date to the time that she was married to Dock (my father was her second husband). Mom and Dock helped raise a couple of Roberts nephews, and there is a kind of amazing story behind that.

    I would also love to find a connection. The Moore family farm was in Baylor County, Texas, but I believe Mom and Dock lived in several parts of Texas before they moved to California. Dock had some family in Knox County, I think.

    Thanks for replying. I hope we can solve this mystery!

  3. Greta, I've just posted some Puckett / Gailey pictures on my blog. Wanted you to look at them.