Sunday, October 30, 2011

Missing in Action No More

I hope.

Last week I did a bit of genealogy-related stuff and I spent most of this weekend doing genealogy stuff.

Yesterday I attended the Fairfax Genealogical Society’s Fall Fair on the subject of Military Records, with three presentations delivered by Craig Scott: “Researching Your Colonial and French and Indian War Ancestor,” “Researching Your War of 1812 Ancestor,” and “Reasons for Not Serving in the Civil War.” There were lots of places, dates, maps, resources, and funny stories. It was glorious.

Today I spent half a day researching the George Robert Brinlee family. It is great to be “back in the saddle.” I feel relaxed and relieved.

I’m not all done with chores. 3-4 people and 3 cats still manage to shed a lot of hair and fur and track in a lot of dirt. And two family members are still packrats. And we haven’t really finished our yard cleanup.

But I know where to find stuff now. And I’m putting documents away - in the right place - after I create or use them. It’s like being on a diet. Discipline must be maintained.

Yesterday I read a post on Jennifer’s Rainy Day Genealogy Readings: “Defining Research, Part 1.” A real case study in genealogical bad manners, if not outright plagiarism. Things like this are one of the reasons why I use my own template (different from Ancestry’s) for place names. That way I can see who is “clicking and claiming” my data. I don’t really mind that they do. But posting information someone has freely shared with you without crediting them, as described in this post, is shoddy and low-class.


  1. And a good genealogist (or family historian)has no truck with the shoddy and low-class variety that pilfer and steal with no thought of others!!

  2. P.P. Glad to see you back, relaxed and rested and serene.

  3. It's amazing how life can interfere with our genealogy, but it always feels nice to come back to, doesn't it? Keep that chillaxin' feeling!

  4. I almost went to that Fair, but hadn't signed up and then it ended up snowing all day here. Maybe next year.

  5. Joan - Absolutely! What is it about stealing that these people don't understand?

    Jennifer - Thank you - now if my job were just a little bit less intense....

    Nancy - I wish you had come! Let me know if you come to the spring event or to next year's Fall Fair - we should meet up.

  6. Hi Greta,
    Welcome back. I really appreciate your sense of trying to keep things in order. It's so easy to let that desk that file get out of hand -- and then so much time to get it back in order. I've been going through my boxes and "discovered" (not really -- just forgot I had them after about 6 years not looking at that box) letters from the 1950s (several hundred) my parents had written to each other when Dad travelled. Also in there -- misplaced, were FIVE of my mom's diaries -- stored in the wrong box (I have a "journals" box). She was TEN when she started writing! I was so thrilled, and am now scanning them, and have to be very careful to get them right back where they belong. The diaries revealed my mom falling in love with my dad!!! -- 70 years ago this year. Wow! A hook. So I'm posting these sweet entries now on my blog -7 decades later. Thanks for a reminder of how much we have to keep on top of things - even when life interferes!

  7. That is interesting! New to me. I love etymology.There you go: social media drugs our brain with feel-good hormones when we get likes, but it isn’t the same as dinner with family.

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