Saturday, June 18, 2011

Surname Saturday: Benjamin Sims and Mary Jane Thetford

Benjamin Sims
b. 1 Jul 1874, Stony Point, Collin County, Texas
d. 28 Jan 1944, Vineyard, Jack County, Texas
& Mary Jane Thetford
b. 7 Aug 1880, Texas
d. 21 Jan 1949, Jack County, Texas
m. 11 Feb 1906
|--Bessie Lillian Sims
|----b. 6 Dec 1906, Jack County, Texas
|----d. 26 Feb 1998, Chico, Wise County, Texas
|---& Curtis Columbus Sheppard
|----b. 3 Oct 1909
|----d. 16 Feb 1991, Chico, Wise County, Texas
|---m. 4 Sep 1927, Boonsville, Wise County, Texas
|--Joe Bailey Sims*
|----b. 22 May 1908, Texas
|----d. 16 Mar 1974
|---& Frank Thomas Swetnam
|----b. 3 Jan 1905, Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas
|----d. 3 Sep 1956, Tom Green County, Texas
|----m. 17 Dec 1927
|--Joe Bailey Sims*
|----b. 22 May 1908, Texas
|----d. 16 Mar 1974
|---& Newton Lee Garner
|--Junior Roscoe Sims
|----b. 3 Jul 1912, Texas
|---& Harriet Sowers
|--Hazel Inez Sims*
|----b. 11 Sep 1913, Texas
|----d. 18 Mar 1962
|---& Foster Bowen
|--Hazel Inez Sims*
|----b. 11 Sep 1913, Texas
|----d. 18 Mar 1962
|---& Sirus Edgar Dunn
|----m. 15 Feb 1945
|--Carvel Carl “Corky” Sims
|----b. 21 Apr 1915, Texas
|----d. 26 Mar 1997
|---& Marie Payne
|--Oleta Virginia Sims
|----b. 7 May 1917, Texas
|---& Todd Archie Carver
|----b. 7 Jun 1917, Sunset, Montague County, Texas
|----d. 5 Jan 1968, Weatherford, Parker County, Texas
|----m. 31 Aug 1940, Truce, Jack County, Texas
|--Theodore Sims
|----b. 30 Mar 1919, Texas
|----d. 9 Feb 2003, Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas
|--Vader Marie Sims
|----b. 12 May 1921, Wizard Wells, Jack County, Texas
|----d. 11 Jul 1942, Vineyard, Jack County, Texas
|---& Elton Alton Carver
|----b. 4 Jun 1919, Sunset, Montague County, Texas
|----d. 13 Feb 1953, Monterey County, California
|--Willie Adeline Sims
|----b. 24 Jan 1924, Vineyard, Jack County, Texas
|----d. 19 Apr 1926

This is the family of Benjamin Sims, son of Margaret Leek Brinlee (sister of my great-grandfather Hiram Carroll Brinlee, Jr.) and Mary Jane Thetford, daughter of Wiley Martin Thetford and Eliza Laster. Oldest daughter Bessie Sims Sheppard was the author of many of the articles that have served as sources of Brinlee family lore. Some of these articles can be found in Volume I of Collin County, Texas, Families, edited by Alice Ellison Pitts and Minnie Pitts Champ.

I would love to share information with anyone related to/researching this family; you can contact me at my e-mail address, which can be found by going to my profile page (there is a link to that page in the About Me section to the left).

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