Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Stayed Up Late to Listen to GeneaBloggers Blog Talk Radio

And, boy, was it fun!

I have been on mailing lists and am on Facebook an GenealogyWise, but had never participated in any kind of “chat” before. Yes, it was a bit chaotic, but people were actually exchanging information like mad! Perhaps things were especially lively because everyone was talking about (and perhaps some had already participated in?) Donna Pointkouski’s “WDYTYA Drinking Game.”

The call-in part of the show is very enjoyable - it is great to hear the actual voices of people with whom you have corresponded or whom you recognize from the genealogy world. DearMyrtle was a fantastic substitute host, juggling the phone-ins with the chat conversations, and Thomas MacEntee even called in at one point.

There were many different “sub-conversations.” In one of them, Lisa Alzo and I (and a couple of others) were putting out ideas for Linda Robbins for researching her husband’s uncle, Jozef Marion Jurkiewicz.

I missed the first 45 minutes of the show, but during the time I was listening, the number of people connected to chat was in the 60s and 70s.

The URL is This is a great way to socialize with your fellow genealogy bloggers even if you cannot travel to conferences and other events. For those of us in the East, the show is on from 10:00 to 12:00 p.m. on Fridays.


  1. Me 2, Me 2! It is such a whirlwind of excitement and fun. Best 2 hours of the week!

  2. Thanks Greta for your support of GeneaBloggers Radio! I am having so much fun with it and I was glad to see so many folks on the chat board Friday night!

  3. I couldn't stay up late, but I'm glad you had lots of fun. The two previous weeks, I attended, so I know what you are talking about. Maybe we can reach 100 this Friday, wouldn't that be fun...see or hear you then.

  4. Sheri, Carol, and Barbara - I am really looking forward to this Friday - a "social event" I can attend in my jammies!

    And Thomas - Thank you so much for coming up with this. I hope it continues after the WDYTYA season winds up!

  5. How very neat! I didn't even know it existed-but think it's way cool : )

  6. I do have to say, it still needs a little "polish," but I'm done listening to it by Saturday night (if I don't catch it "live"), so... :-)