Friday, May 7, 2010

Family and Friends Newsletter Friday: 7 May 2010


Only a little bit of direct research was done this week, but I have been making research plans for the summer months leading up to the FGS Conference.


I am getting close to the end of the research I had planned for this stage of Norman research, but I am going to take a break soon so that I can get going on my Lizzie Smith brick wall before I go to Knoxville in August.


Here is what I plan to do for Lizzie Smith by August:

Put together a map, online and/or on paper, of locations in Tennessee where my top Smith candidate families lived. A couple of purposes for this: to see which families lived in or near the Knoxville area (said to be Lizzie’s birthplace; I do not know whether this is accurate) and see which lived closest to McMinn County, where the Bonner-Smith marriage of interest took place.

Recheck these families in the censuses – more Member Connect information may have appeared since I last checked, since that was just starting to show up when I made the big list of families. A couple of the earlier Member Connect entries helped me rule out a couple of families.

Start seriously locating online newspaper archives in the areas where Lizzie lived; this means focusing on the “known” part of her life (1891 forward).


May be putting together a Brinlee researcher mailing list.


Received my Collin County Genealogical Society Membership – Now I can access at least some Collin Co. Chronicles; will start checking through these for Brinlee (and Lizzie Smith Brinlee) information.

Still working on my registration form for the FGS Conference.
NGS is in Charleston, South Carolina next year. That would be so much fun.


  1. Greta, are you driving down from FC? How long do you think it will take? I'm thinking of going from MA, just trying to calculate time.

  2. Hi Barbara - Yes, we are. My husband has done the FC to Knoxville drive and says it takes 8-10 hours. We have also done the FC to Boston drive, and that used to take us a good 8 hours. We are going to stop overnight somewhere down in the southern part of Virginia, not sure where, yet. I'm so excited - this will be my first national convention!

  3. Greta, have you noticed on when you look at an image the other members who have added that image to their tree is no longer there? I used to look at a specific census for a person just to see if someone else had posted it to their trees. I know I could attempt it from the Member Connect function, but sometimes it's more direct to go right to the image I know is my person.