Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Is Your Oldest Living Relative (Friday Fun from Wendy)

An idea from Wendy Littrell at All My Branches Genealogy

You know, I hadn’t actually ever stopped to consider this question before now. I know that only one of my parents' siblings is still alive (my father's youngest brother, my Uncle Bill, who is 74); however, it turns out that he is not my oldest living relative. (Of course, this doesn't count distant relatives, and I do have a 3rd cousin once removed that I correspond with who is in his late 80s.) My oldest relative is a cousin who is the daughter of my Dad’s and Uncle Bill’s oldest sister. I have never met this cousin.

I hope to devote several posts to Uncle Bill at some point, because he has lived quite a life and has provided me with a lot of information during our telephone calls. He was also very generous in sharing information with my younger daughter when she interviewed him for a school history project. He even remembers my great-grandmother Lizzie Brinlee and my Grandma Sallie Brinlee’s parents, William Henry “Jack” Norman and Sara Jane Sisson Norman. I remember Uncle Bill from the time I was very small, and he and my father apparently shared a lot of adventures in their youth. He traveled to many parts of the of the Pacific rim when he was in the Navy and saw a lot of the US Southwest when he was working in construction.


  1. Can't wait to read your posts about your Uncle Bill! Thanks for using "Friday Fun" to post about your oldest living relative!

  2. When I think of my oldest living relatives-I always think I should ask them to record their memories into a recorder for me-I just hate to think of loosing all their knowledge and wisdom.

  3. I have lots of stories about Uncle Bill - he and my Dad got up to all sorts of mischief. We do have one recording of him; when my daughter interviewed him we put the phone on speaker and recorded the interview.