Saturday, August 9, 2008

Goals of this Blog

The main purpose of this blog, as stated in the heading, is to share information with other researchers.  I have being doing that since the very beginning of my research in 2005 through e-mail, but I this blog should provide an easier, less formal way to accomplish the same end.  In addition, I hope that people researching the same families, subjects, and geographical areas as I am will find this site and will be encouraged to get in touch with me to share research.  Assistance from family members and fellow researchers has probably been the single most important element in my genealogy efforts up to now.  I have also noticed that the most helpful websites for specific families are those in which several researchers have combined efforts; my Links section includes links to a couple of these sites, for the Matlock and Clark families.  So I hope that the people who find this blog will not only collect the information in it, but will e-mail me so that we can work together in the future.  While I will post information and results of research here, it will not be comprehensive; if you want more information, you will have to write to me (see e-mail address at the top of this page).

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