Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Help Me Out Wednesday: 4 January 2012

As I mentioned in the previous post on my 2012 genealogy and blogging goals, I would like to devote a number of posts to “giving and receiving” from the genealogy blogging community. “Giving” would be sharing helpful sources, websites, tools, etc. that I have found (Friday’s theme), and “receiving” would be drawing on the expertise of readers and fellow genealogy bloggers (Wednesday’s theme).

(This is somewhat in the spirit of what promises to be a 2012 trend among genealogy bloggers - the “buddy system.” I have been tempted in the past to participate, and in light of my failure to reach my goals from previous years, this would probably be very beneficial to my research. However, I do not wish to make promises that I cannot keep, and I am afraid that a big increase in work responsibilities may be the wrench in the works that that would make me a very poor partner who could not keep up her end of the deal.)

The question I would like to pose for today is:

Does anyone out there have experience in successfully syncing a large Reunion family file to the Reunion App on an iPad?

I received an iPad for Christmas and have installed the Reunion App on it. The instructions for syncing my Reunion files to the iPad are simple (go to Tools and click on “Sync”) and indicate that it is to be done via wi-fi, not through a USB connector. However, while the syncing process did appear to be underway, it never really got anywhere, that is, the little bar thingy never got any farther than about 25% complete.

Could the problem be that one of my family files is too big? If so, should I divide it up before trying to sync?

Advice appreciated!


  1. Greta, I'm not a techy person but I'll try to answer. I use Reunion on my Mac (running Snow Leopard) and have also installed the Reunion app on my iPad and iPhone. I didn't have a problem with the sync feature (about 600 names). Do you have a lot of media files in your Family File? I wonder if that might slow the process down?

    My suggestion is to read and/or post a question on the Reunion Talk forum, and hopefully someone with more knowledge than I have can help you! Here's the link:

    Once you get it to work, I think you'll love the app. It's beautiful and so, so handy. Best of luck to you!

  2. Shelly - Thank you so much for your advice! I don't have any media files, but I do have 9000+ names (not a brag - there are a couple hundred that are disconnected plus it includes both my side and my husband's side - and I have tried to do "all descendants" up to the gg-grandparent level). I will check in the forum - was aware of it but have had mixed success with it in the past.