Friday, June 10, 2011

Follow Friday Newsletter: 10 June 2011

This Week in Genea-Blogging

The Carnival is in town!

Check out the 106th Carnival of Genealogy at Jasia’s Creative Gene!

Maps are fun

I really need to get back to using Google Maps in my research. And, luckily for me, there is a post at pursuits of a desperate genie to refresh my skills: “how to use google maps to make a custom genealogy map.”

Language geek alert!

Lisa at A Light That Shines Again has reposted a great article on the particularities of the Irish version of English: “Language fun ‘galore’: Working on my Hiberno-English.”

Don’t forget to backup your phone

A lesson learned by The Scrappy Genealogist and described in “Scrappy Gen Gets Organized - Backup Smackdown Meets Lookout.”

Don’t overlook, don’t forget

Marian Pierre-Louis at Marian’s Roots and Rambles asks “Are You Reading the Right Journals?” There is a faithful old resource that we often overlook....

Illinois Prison Camps During the Civil War

Kathleen Brandt at a3 Genealogy has been doing a wonderful series on prisoner-of-war camps in Illinois during the Civil War; this week her post covers Camp Douglas, a camp that has been referred to as the “Andersonville of the North”: “Illinois Civil War POW Camp - Part 3.” William Spencer Moore, my great-great grandfather’s nephew who was named for him, spent the last six months of the war in this camp.

Genealogy + History + Liberia + Virginia = Fascinating

Mel Wolfgang at Mnemosyne’s Magic Mirror has written a fascinating post on delving deeper into the records, finding rich but little-known resources, and learning about a fascinating episode in history in “Researching at the Library of Virginia: A Tale of Slaves & Bacon.”

Another excellent post from Mel is “Book People Take Notice: The Internet Archive Gets ‘Physical,’” wherein he urges actual physical preservation of books and documents as opposed to digitization and describes the efforts taken in this area by Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive.

How many of these do you recognize/are you guilty of?

Daniel Hubbard delves into the “Seven Deadly Genealogical Sins” at Personal Past Meditations. I’m not admitting to any....

Postcards tell the story

If you haven’t been following “The Courtship of Esther” series at Lisa’s blog, Are You My Cousin?, you should be. Vintage postcards tell the story of a young lady with many suitors. The latest installments as I write this are “Part 4” and “Part 5.”

The answer is: family pictures - or grandma’s quilts - or....

Kerry at Clue Wagon tells us, “Your House is on Fire” and asks us what we would take with us. JLog (“Nothing’s On Fire Over Here”), Susan at Nolichucky Roots (“2011.5”), Nick at Nick Gombash’s Genealogy Blog (“What If Your House Was On Fire?”), Elyse at Elyse’s Genealogy Blog (“My House is on Fire”), Deb Ruth at Adventures in Genealogy (“What Would You Grab?”), Daniel at Indiana Dillmans (“What Would You Grab?”), and Missy at Bayside Blog (“Treasure Chest Thursday: My House is on Fire”) have some excellent answers.

Some humor for the week

At Genealogy’s Star, “What if genealogists were like some of the other professionals?” hits rather too close to home....

Stories of the Storm

At Heritage Zen, Cynthia Shenette writes of her mother’s recollections of “The Worcester Tornado, June 9, 1953.” As someone who lived in Tornado Alley, I remember many stories of tornados in our area of Texas, but Cynthia’s story is a chilling reminder that no one is ever completely safe from these monsters.

For more suggested blog reading,

Check out “Follow Friday” at Jen’s Climbing My Family Tree, “Best of the Genea-Blogs” at Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings, “Best Bytes for the Week” at Elizabeth O’Neal’s Little Bytes of Life, “Monday Morning Mentions” at Lynn Palermo’s The Armchair Genealogist, and “Follow Friday” at Deb Ruth’s Adventures in Genealogy.

This Week I Started Following These Blogs:

The Apprentice Genealogist

Anne’s Genealogy and Family History Blog

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My family’s tangled roots

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My Research Week

was pretty much described in What I Learned Wednesday. Not a bad week.


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