Sunday, January 30, 2011

Live from Beautiful Falls Church, Virginia: It’s the iGene Awards!

(Our Special Reporter is reporting on the Fourth Annual iGene Awards ceremony. This Fab Event, which is just one part of the Mega-Event known as the Carnival of Genealogy, is celebrated each year all over the country by members of the Academy of Genealogy and Family History, an elite and exclusive organization of genealogy bloggers run by a mysterious and powerful coterie of Genea-Blogging Celebrities. One of the most mysterious and powerful members of that coterie is Jasia, author of the Creative Gene blog and the alleged mastermind behind the Carnival of Genealogy and the iGene Awards. Informed sources report that it is she who dictates the categories for the awards: Best Picture, Best Screen Play, Best Biography, Best Documentary, and Best Comedy.)

We’re reporting from the Red Carpet in glamorous Falls Church, Virginia (well, actually, from nearby less-glamorous Fairfax County), and I just cannot adequately convey the excitement and buzz generated by the Awards this year. And coming down that carpet I think I see ... can it be? Oh, my goodness, the humanity, you will not believe the major Genea-Blogging celebrities who have just graced the carpet and us with their brilliant, overpowering presence, why, it’s


[Black screen.]

One and a half hours later...

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for staying with us through the unforeseen technical difficulties caused by ice and snow on the power lines here.

Unfortunately, this lost time has seriously cut into the time we have for long-winded acceptance speeches and silly routines tonight’s entertainment, so we are just going to cut to the chase and hand out the awards:

The iGene Award for Best Picture goes to:

A photographic study of the pernicious effects of nepeta cataria addiction on an intimate circle of felines as demonstrated by a single evening of dazed decadence (aka, the New Year’s Eve our cats got stoned on catnip):

The iGene Award for Best Comedy goes to:

The best comedy is musical comedy, and this year’s winner, a light-hearted take on the travails, traps, and travesties of family research, is no exception:

The iGene Award for Best Screenplay goes to:

An intimate portrait of family life and an exploration into how a seemingly insignificant item can lead to a major emotional outburst resulting in revelation and new insights for the family:

Special acting awards go to Jane Lynch as the mom with the “tempest-in-a-flower-teapot” temperament and, as the bewildered daughters, six-year-old Dakota Fanning and three-year-old Elle Fanning.

It should be mentioned that the voting was quite close (that’s what happens when you have 10 nominees in this category), so the Academy would like to mention two deserving runner-ups:


The iGene Award for Best Documentary goes to:

A complex and nuanced, yet dramatic study of the research process drawn out over four installments in the style of the old cliffhanger serials:

From the Will to the Estate Packet: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

(Commentator’s gratuitous aside to the viewing audience: There is a delicious irony to the victory of this multipart series: The winner of the Best Screenplay Award at last year’s iGene Awards was the two-part series “Searching for Preston Moore.” One of many shockers delivered by “From the Will to the Estate Packet” was that Preston Moore had not, in fact, died in the Civil War!)

(Note for you serious cinephiles out there: The Director’s Cut Version DVD of this movie includes the following bonus features:

Bonus Post: “Researching in Greenville” - the documentary behind the documentary!

The Cinematographer’s View: “Greenville Love” and “Main Street, Greenville, USA”)

The iGene Award for Best Biography goes to:

A loving tribute to a favorite uncle:

The Runner-Up for this category is:

(The Academy denies that there was any nepotism involved in choosing two posts on members of the same family.)

And finally, the Academy would like to institute its own humanitarian award, the Genea-Bloggers’ Act of Genealogical Kindness Award, and present it to two very deserving recipients:

Tracy at The Pieces of My Past for asking a friend for information on my Tarrant line and sending me the material the friend provided.

Cynthia at Heritage Zen for helping me out with the Stepanishen family.

(Thunderous applause by the audience. Because this is the award that really counts.)

My humble thanks to the mysterious mastermind Jasia for making these Awards and the Carnival of Genealogy possible.


  1. clap, clap, clap! Encore. I especially like the way ice interfered with the long winded speeches. ;-D

  2. Wonderful, as always. You have ice, I have no red carpet, just that hunk of green with a lot of pavement stones and desert sand. LOL

    Enjoyed every minute of your award ceremony.

  3. Congratulations! What a great collection of posts.

  4. Very enjoyable reading, and I got three for one, because I had missed 2 early 2010 posts. Thanks Greta, you are a winner.

  5. I feel like standing and holding a lighter aloft. So well done and such a treat to read those posts that I missed.

  6. Amazing output! The cats made me laugh out loud. I miss my kitties. Your odes were simply amazing. You put everything into every post. New to the blogosphere, this was my first chance to see all this incredible output.

  7. Kristin - Yeah, I was grateful for that - took care of something that's always a problem at these award ceremonies!

    Carol - You do know, of course, how much all of us in our gowns and tuxes would love to bee out there on the desert sand? I thought you did.

    Nancy - Thank you for your kind thoughts!

    Barbara - I am indebted to you for your review idea earlier, because that helped me prepare for the iGenes.

    NR - Aww, thank you. I'm the same - I love the COGs and especially this one, because I can always catch some things that I missed.

    Linda - Thanks! Anything I write about my cats actually writes itself, because they are such natural comedians.