Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday Night Fun: Confessions of a True Genealogy Junkie

Check out Randy Seaver’s latest at Genea-Musings: Saturday Night Fun - True Confessions of a Genealogy Junkie and some of the fascinating responses on Geneabloggers.

1. When did you start genealogy research?

In 2005, like the header says.

2. Why did you start doing research?

The process is described in my series Getting Hooked on Genealogy, but in a nutshell: I googled my maiden name Brinlee, found out that that the old family legends on that side were true; took out a family genealogy on my mother’s side and had success in searching those names; made some new discoveries and there was no turning back.

3. What was your first big success in research?

Finding my great-grandfather Harlston Perrin Moore.

4. What is your biggest genealogy regret?

Not listening to stories and asking questions when my grandmothers, parents, aunts, and uncles were alive.

5. What are you best known for in the genealogy world?


6. What is your professional status in genealogy?


7. What is your biggest genealogy achievement?

Umm, finding my great-great-great grandfather Samuel Moore and my great-grandmother Martha Lewis’ family. And on the Moore side getting Moore researchers together from both the Bud Mathis Moore and William Spencer Moore lines (Samuel’s two sons).

8. What is the most FUN you've had doing genealogy?

The social aspect: e-mailing, Facebooking, and talking on the telephone with 1st through 5th cousins and my Uncle Bill, and all the genea-blogging fun. The discoveries are a close second, though.

9. What is your favorite genealogy how-to book?

Whatever the latest one I’ve bought but not read yet happens to be.

10. What notable genealogist would you like to meet someday?

I’d love to get together with any and all of the Geneabloggers, but would especially like to meet Ernie Margheim of Ernie’s Journeys.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Greta - I feel like I know you better already! And isn't genealogy addicting!?! I have no qualifications, and I know just enough to get myself in trouble...but I'm hooked!