Sunday, November 2, 2008

Descendants of David Floyd? - Part 2

Although I knew of Sada Crum’s existence, I had never found her after the 1900 census and assumed that she must not have had any descendants. Some time later I was doing the census work for as many members of the David Floyd family as I could and decided to search to see what had happened to Mason Crum. The 1920 census showed a grandson named Clyde Robertson, age 13, living with Mason and Annie Crum in Hopkins County, Texas. Audry and Alma were too young to have a son that age, so … my next step was to look for Clyde Robertson in the 1910 census … and there he was, with his parents “Josphes” and “Saddie” and brother Earl, age 6. The 1920 census had a story to tell for this family: Clyde was living with his grandparents, brother Earl was living with James and Addie Robertson (James would appear to be his uncle), and a third son, L.D., was shown living with the family of his aunt, Mary (Aiguier) Vaden. Seaf (Josphes = Josephus “Seaf”) was living with the family of his niece, Eddie (Vaden) Evans, daughter of Mary Auguier Vaden. Seaf’s status was listed as married, not widowed. So where was Sada/Sadie/Saddie?

The 1920 census shows a Saddie Robertson, age 47, as a patient in the North Texas Hospital for the Insane in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas. The age is too old for our Sada, but accuracy was probably not much of a concern in recording the patients’ ages, so this may very well be her. The 1930 census shows Seaf with a new wife, Altha, and Altha’s daughter Willie Juanita Martin. Many of these people are buried in the Aiguier Cemetery in Hopkins County, Texas, including Sadie Robertson, who did not die until 9 July 1960 according to her death certificate, which gives her date of birth as 16 July 1884. Also buried there is son Earl Robertson, dates 20 September 1903 to 20 March 1973.

The following paragraph appears in the GenWeb page on Men and Women in the Armed Forces from Hopkins County Sulphur Springs, Texas, WWII (the URL is

“ROBERTSON. L.D. Pvt., son of Mr. and Mrs. Seaf Robertson. Entered Army Sig Corps in November 1941. Trained at Ft. Sill, OK. _Served in Algeria, French Morroco, Sicily, Tunisia, Naples, Rome, France, Central Europe. Has Bronze Stars, American Defense Medal. _Discharged in 1945.”

Clyde Robertson may be the Clyde M. Robertson on the 1930 census of approximately the right age living with wife Lois and daughter Wenonah as boarders in the household of John H. Mauldin in Jack County, Texas. According to the Texas Birth Index, these Mauldins would have been Lois’ family, and this would be Clyde Miles Robertson and Lois Esteline Mauldin. Texas records lists children born to them, so these could be descendants of David Floyd and Zillah Kelly. Perhaps Earl and L. D. also had children.

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