Monday, October 27, 2008

Genealogy Blog Finder Found Us!

I admit that I kept checking Google to find out when it would finally pull up this blog in a search (it took a week or so, but now the updates show up pretty quickly after they are posted), and now this blog has arrived in another way - it shows up on Genealogy Blog Finder at! It shows up in the Quick Finder and in the "Personal Research" category. It may appear in some of the other categories, but I haven't checked, yet. Some of the categories of blogs listed are Tips, Resources & Reviews, Personal Research, Locality Specific, Single Surname, African-American, and What's New.

While not everyone's research interests may be the same, it is interesting and definitely worthwhile to check out other genealogy blogs periodically. You can find new ideas, new sites and resources, and new approaches, not to mention some interesting family stories. I have even found some interesting ideas for items for my blog.

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