Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Matlock Family

This is the family of my great-grandmother Angeline Elizabeth Matlock (my mother’s mother’s mother). The Useful Links section to the left includes a link to a great Matlock site. The main source for a lot of information on this family is Eunice Sandling’s “History of the Floyd Family.” Some of that information is based on articles from the Memorial and Biographical History of Dallas County, 1892, Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago. Jim Dodd has added some information and I have added a little bit. Below is a descendant chart for the family (parents Absalom C. Matlock and Nancy Malvina Harris and their children). Absalom’s parents were Rial Matlock and Camila Clark; Nancy’s parents were Thomas Highsmith Harris and Martha Elizabeth Skiles. Absalom, Nancy, Nancy’s parents and grandmother Nancy Highsmith Harris, and several of Martha Skiles Harris’ siblings and their families moved to Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas from Warren County, Kentucky in 1852.

Absalom C. Matlock
b. 21 Mar 1825, KY
d. 1865
& Nancy Malvina Harris
b. 28 Apr 1827, Warren County, Kentucky
d. 11 Aug 1862, Dallas County, TX
m. 13 Aug 1846, Warren County, Kentucky
| Angeline Elizabeth Matlock
| b. 18 Nov 1847, Bowling Green, Warren Co., Kentucky
| d. 11 Oct 1916, Dallas County, TX
| & Charles Augustus Floyd
| b. 28 Jun 1840, Greene Co., Illinois
| d. 4 Mar 1894, Dallas County, TX
| m. 13 Jan 1867, Home of T.H. Taylor, Texas
| Martha Amanda Matlock
| b. Sep 1849, Warren County, Kentucky
| d. 21 Aug 1927, Lisbon, Dallas, Texas
| & Emory Anderson Gracey
| b. 13 Mar 1837, Bond Co., Illinois
| d. 3 Aug 1915, Lisbon, Dallas, Texas
| m. 27 Aug 1865
| Joseph R. Matlock
| b. Dec 1851, Kentucky
| & Adaline “Addie” [last name unknown]
| b. Mar 1852, Illinois
| d. bef 1920
| m. 1878
| Eliza Jane Matlock
| b. 15 Mar 1854, Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas
| d. 4 Feb 1935, Dallas County, TX
| & Elisha James Mathis
| b. 18 Apr 1845, Tennessee
| d. 5 May 1884, Dallas County, TX
| Thomas A. Matlock
| b. 20 Oct 1859, Dallas Co., Texas
| d. 19 Jun 1925, Petrolia, Clay, Texas
| & Mary Adeline “Addie” Stratton
| b. 7 Sep 1859, Texas
| d. 30 Jan 1936, Houston, Harris County, Texas

The families of each of the children will be dealt with in separate posts. Researchers working on this family are still trying to learn the cause, location, and exact date of Absalom Matlock’s death (1865 was given in the article on Charles Augustus Floyd in the Memorial and Biographical History of Dallas County.) Did he serve in the Civil War (he does not show up in the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System)? There is no record of his burial, but Nancy Harris Matlock is buried in the Floyd-Taylor Cemetery in Lancaster.

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